Thursday, September 5, 2013

Adopt a Mini-Panther!

Through 10/13/13, Cat AdopTion Service and Suzie's Cat Rescue will be having a “Adopt a Mini-Panther” promotion, with the adoption fee on any all-black cat or kitten* reduced by $40 (in addition to any other applicable discount).

Most people are surprised to learn that black cats are the hardest to adopt out. Although people say they love the look of a sleek all-black kitty, when they see all the other color combinations, the "plain" black one looks less appealing.

With the promotion, the adoption fee on a black adult, 1-5 years, will be reduced from $80 to just $40. That's half off!

The total adoption fee on a pair of kittens under 5 months where one is all-black and one is not all-black will be $180.

And the total adoption fee on a pair of kittens under 5 months where both are all-black will be just $140.

If you are thinking about adding a feline friend to your family, now is a great time to adopt an all black "mini panther"!

*An eligible cat might have a small white spot on its throat or abdomen, but is otherwise entirely black.  Black/white tuxedo and “cow” kitties are not eligible for the promotion.

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